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Brandon Westgate.

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A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.


…………it’s a metaphor.


Happy Birthday Patti LuPone!

Broadway legend Patti LuPone was born on April 21. Find out more about her career in the Playbill Vault.



Jon tweeted a link to this story, it’s incredible

forgiveness is a possible thing.





Better Late Then Never

I saw you with him. I saw how you felt about him. I’ve seen what you are to each other.
Now I realize how to let go. I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t still love someone who let our story end without a resolution. Someone who dropped it off on the side of the road and left never to look back.
Now I see.
Now I have to be me. I can’t live in this anymore. I can no longer let the hope of you coming back consume how I live my life.
Change is hard, and life goes on.
Someday I’ll find someone who has a smile that outshines what we did to each other. I’ll know to be careful. I’ll catch myself from needing more than what I can have. I’ll be myself to someone who will give me their true self.
Time is what heals, but it also stings the wound that was. Now time has to be my bandage and not the alcohol that soaks the imprint you left.
I hope God keeps you happy, and let’s the both of you love unconditionally. I hope he never let’s you hurt like how I hurt you again. I hope that smile lights up another’s world with the incredible glow that filled mine. I wish you the best things in life. My prayers came true when I saw that you are being held up, and brushed off from the things I’ve done to you. You shaped me, and I’ll always love you.
God blessed me with knowing you, and growing with you by my side day in and day out.
Now it’s time for a new beginning. Time is my bandage, and God is my light through these dark struggles I’ve endured.
I’m no longer powerless.
I’m blessed.



Jeremy Wray - ollie


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